They are my OTP!!!!!!!

Anonymous said: hello! i really do love your artwork, and i was wondering if you could post that fanart of aph estonia and aph latvia you posted most recently on pixiv?

Labdien! Thank you for enjoying my arts. Here you go.

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spoopy-estoniyea said: Dude, you must have had to sell your soul to satan to get animation like that!


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Anonymous said: Uhm. Hi there. If it's not too much trouble, could you please upload that picture of Lithuania and Prussia from your pixiv to here? I really really like it.

Thank you!!
ルV´ヮ`) (`フ´)

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kat-ozkosar said: What program do you use to make your drawings move??

I use “E-mote Free Movie Maker 「えもふり」”. #emofuri
You can download it here. ->
And can use it freely in privately way. Have fun! ;)

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